Digital Publishing: Theory and Practice



I have been researching ebooks for the past 2 years. Initially because of a desire to create the books myself and lately because of a desire to empower others to create their own content (websites, books or a combination of the two). This site represents the current state of my research.

Over the years I've learned that it's impossible to separate the theory, the why we do things in a certain way, with the practice, the how we do things. They both complement each othe and give a better picture of the best methodologies for developing digital content.

The Theory

The Practice

  • Ebook Research & Development covers the steps necessary to create ebooks. It covers some of the tools, procedures and techniques for creating ebooks. It is not an exhaustive guide. It is meant to cover some of the tools that I have used in the past to create ebook content.


Ever since I started my research I have been collecting ebook examples that illustrate the features of ePub 3 and MOBI format ebooks.



Style Guides and Manuals



News and Stories About Publishing

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About the author

Carlos Araya has been involved with web design and technology since 1995 when he taught himself to code HTML and CSS while attending school as a Theater and, later, General Studies major at Central College in Pella, Iowa. After graduation he moved to education working in higher education at different colleges and universities in California.

His love for books started when he was 8 years old and would sneak into the school's library to read. Asimov's Foundation and Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles were his first targets and he has gravitated towards science fiction and fantasy ever since. He then gravitated to writing and more recently to book publishing.

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